You come first.

DIRECTV is committed to bringing you the best TV experience at the most reasonable value.
When disputes arise with programmers over their rising prices, this site will keep you up to date with clear and direct information.

Keeping You Connected to Your Local Stations

When disputes arise with local stations, they are the only ones who can decide whether or not to remain in your channel lineup. DIRECTV cannot and will not remove any broadcast network.

Keeping You Connected to Your Sports Networks

DIRECTV wants to make sure you always have a front row seat. Whether you’re the most loyal booster, a casual fan, or maybe not all that interested in sports, you must always have a choice over what teams you might want to pay to watch.

Switching isn’t the answer

Channel owners will raise your prices no matter who you get your TV from. Switching TV providers during these disputes only makes it easier for them to raise your bill.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Free channels (Broadcast) should not have the right to charge, and definitely not be able to hold their customers’ signal hostage to increase their profits.” — Hector
“Times are difficult for so many viewers who can only afford the entertainment of their TV and to do this out of greed is disgusting.” — Sherry
“Local channels should always be available on ALL content providers regardless of any renegotiation. Holding loyal viewers hostage is the same as piracy.” — Jorge
“Don’t they know we are in a tough economy? How about caring for the public? It’s just the same old greed. We have to pay to watch what was always a free local station. Just Amazing.” — Gary
“You really think if you switch that you will be protected from channel losses and rate increases? I have had two different cable providers before DIRECTV and had worse luck with them. When we switched to DIRECTV, our channel selection went up and our price dropped dramatically.” — loycust8yrs