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Deliberate broadcaster blackouts have become so frequent that both Congressional leaders and consumers want them ended once and for all. It can’t happen fast enough. Here are just some of the more recent examples of how too many broadcasters specifically licensed to serve the public have been antagonizing it instead.

  • Northwest Broadcasting Jan. 2018  |  Charter Spectrum
    Seeking a reported 70 percent price increase, Northwest blacks out all Spectrum customers in Spokane WA, Syracuse NY and several other cities just hours before Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4. Northwest has yet to return any of the 11 stations involved.

  • Lockwood Broadcasting Jan. 2018  | DISH
    Lockwood blacks out DISH customers in Greensboro NC, Wichita KS, Huntsville, AL and other cities starting Jan. 23 during the NFL playoffs. Lockwood has yet to return any of the six stations involved.

  • Hearst Broadcasting Jan. 2018  |  Service Electric
    Hearst blacks out its NBC station in Lancaster PA in Service Electric customers’ homes starting Jan. 1 just as local favorite the Pittsburgh Steelers enter the NFL playoffs. Hearst has yet to return WGAL-NBC.

  • Meredith Broadcasting Jan. 2018  | Wide Open West
    Meredith blacks out CBS in Atlanta in Wide Open West’s suburban NuLink customers’ homes starting Jan. 1 just as local favorite the Atlanta Falcons enter the NFL playoffs. Meredith has yet to return WGCL-CBS.

  • Cox Broadcasting Jan. 2018  | Frontier
    Seeking a reported 70 percent rate increase, Cox Broadcasting blacks out its CBS station in Seattle in all Frontier Communications customers’ homes starting Jan. 1 just as the NFL playoffs begin. Cox has yet to return KIRO-CBS.

  • Vision Alaska Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018  |  GCI
    Looking to reportedly triple its rates, Vision Alaska blacks out its FOX stations in Juneau and Fairbanks AK in all GCI customers’ homes starting Dec. 3 and then returns them a month later on Jan. 4 just as the NFL playoffs begin.

  • CBS Nov. 2017  | DISH
    CBS uses Sunday night news show “60 Minutes” to warn DISH customers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major cities they will soon lose NFL football and other CBS programs, and blacks out 28 CBS-owned stations less than 24 hour later starting Nov. 20. CBS returns the stations three days later on Thanksgiving night after costing NFL games that holiday afternoon.

  • Draper Communications Oct. – Nov. 2017  |  Verizon Fios
    With control over both CBS and FOX, Draper Communications blacks out Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens NFL games and other programs to all Verizon Fios customers’ homes in Salisbury MD starting Oct. 1. Draper returns WBOC-CBS/FOX two months later on Nov. 20.

  • Fox Networks April. – July. 2017  | Charter Spectrum
    Looking to reportedly double its rates, Fox begins to alert Charter customers during the first week of the new MLB baseball season on April 6 they could soon lose their favorite teams on Fox-owned regional sports networks, as well as FX, National Geographic and other national channels. Fox keeps alerting customers despite day-by-day contract extensions, and enters a new Charter agreement three months later on July 6.

  • Hearst TV Feb. – April. 2017  |  DISH
    Looking to reportedly double its rates, Hearst alerts DISH customers starting Feb. 24 that they could soon lose 32 stations in 26 cities starting March 1, but waits to pull stations on March 3. Hearst agrees to return the stations involved two months later on April 26.

  • Northwest Broadcasting Jan. – Feb. 2017  |  CableOne
    Seeking a reported 70 percent price increase, Northwest blacks out eight stations in CableOne customers’ homes starting Jan. 1 just as the NFL playoffs are about to begin. Homes in Cleveland and Granada MS lose ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, and Northwest returns the stations one month later on Feb. 2 — three days before Super Bowl LI.

  • Fox Networks Nov. 2015 – Jan. 2017  |  Comcast Xfinity
    Comcast Xfinity removes Fox-owned YES Network from customer lineups in Pennsylvania and Connecticut where there are stong affinities for other regional teams, so Fox uses current MLB host Alex Rodriquez and other then-NY Yankees to urge fans to drop Comcast Xfinity before the start of the new 2016 MLB season. YES returns to some of those same homes a season later on Jan. 3, 2017.

  • Univision Feb. – Dec. 2017  |  Charter Spectrum
    Univision blacks out its stations in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and other major cities in all Charter Spectrum customers’ homes starting Feb. 1 but returns them two days later when the Supreme Court of New York issues a temporary restraining order. Univision agrees to suspend its blackout until a federal judge can rule, but the two enter into a new agreement on Dec 11.