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This section will keep you informed about events and issues that affect our industry and your TV programming so you can make up your own mind when programming disputes occur.

  • Lakers’ TV Ratings Down Nearly 50% From Last Season 3/17/14  |  Variety
    Fans have bailed on the Los Angeles Lakers during their miserable 2013-14 season, with local TV ratings down sharply from last year. Read more

  • L.A. sues Time Warner Cable over past fees 3/15/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    Fans have bailed on the Los Angeles Lakers during their miserable 2013-14 season, with local TV ratings down sharply from last year. Read more

  • A new outlet for fan anger 3/4/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    Dodgers lovers being held hostage aren’t sure where to channel fury — at team or TV. Read more

  • Dodgers’ turn to play everyone for a fool 3/3/14  |  Orange Country Register
    Pretty soon every team and maybe even every superstar will have their own TV network as the Lakers, Dodgers and Pac-12 already do, and we’re going to pay for them whether we are sports fans or not. Read more

  • Letters: Dodgers strike out on cable TV 2/23/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    As a lifelong Dodgers fan who grew up spending countless summer nights at Dodger Stadium and even more evenings listening to the majestic voice of Vin Scully, I hope Southern California’s satellite and cable carriers refuse to offer the new Dodgers channel operated by Time Warner Cable. Read more

  • Dodgers Channel Plays Hardball 2/18/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    The Dodgers’ biggest challenge this season may not be the Giants or the Cardinals. It might be DirecTV and Cox Communications and other area pay-TV distributors. All are balking at the terms being offered by SportsNet LA, the new TV home of the Dodgers that is owned by the team and run by Time Warner Cable. Read more

  • Your U-Dub Xfinity Dawgs: They’re Comcastic! 8/18/13  |  Seattle Times
    The University of Washington athletic department has sold what remained of its soul to a rogue enterprise known as the Pac-12 Networks. Read more

  • Pay-TV Providers Bid to End Sports Networks’ Win Streak 7/15/13  |  Wall Street Journal
    When the Houston Astros and Rockets decided to launch their own cable network last year, their owners hoped to reap a sports-television bonanza. It hasn’t worked out that way. Read more

  • The Sports Cable Bubble 7/12/13  |  Sports on Earth
    The Sports Cable Bubble is a value balloon that keeps going up, launched and inflated by America’s collective cable bill — a perfectly legal shell game. Read more

  • Time Warner Cable Sued Over Spending on Lakers, Dodgers Rights 6/18/13  |  Variety
    Southern California pay TV subscribers aren’t happy about paying for Time Warner Cable’s $11 billion deal for the Lakers and Dodgers rights and are taking their complaint to a Los Angeles Superior Court. The class action suit says Time Warner should offer its sports networks a la carte and let those who don’t want the channels opt out. Read more

  • Houston Numbers Could Hurt Sports in Carriage Battles 6/10/13  |  Variety
    Comcast’s decision to pay the high fee to broadcast CSN Houston’s Network did not increase their ratings. DIRECTV and AT&T have actually gained subscribers in Houston despite the fact they were not able to watch the Rocket’s game. Read more

  • Texas-Ole Miss Game could be Longhorn Network’s Make-Or-Break Moment 6/6/13
    The University of Texas and ESPN’s Longhorns Network might have found a strategy to keep their network alive. After ESPN laid off over 400 employees they cannot afford to let this station go down the drain. Read more

  • AT&T Official on CSN Houston: ‘We Didn’t Need to Pay’ 5/30/13
    Jeff Weber, president of content and ad sales at AT&T Home Solutions spoke about what the affect would be if they did not carry CSN Houston. Read more

  • MLB Clubs Look to Follow Dodgers 4/1/13
    The Dodgers may have set a trend with their new $8 billion TV contract with Time Warner Cable. Several other teams with soon to expire contracts are looking for their opportunity to have a sports network focused on their team. The question is how will this affect the economic polarities between the high revenue and low revenue clubs? Read more

  • $1 Million Man March 12/18/12
    Customers are wondering why their cable bill continues to increase while MLB players’ salaries continue to increase. While some are still suffering from the recession, MLB players are earning about $10 million more since 2005. Read more

  • Big 10 Might Keep Newest Schools Off Net 12/10/2012
    With Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big 10 Conference, fans may be disappointed by the fact that their games might not be aired on The Big 10 Network. Read more

  • Rising Sports Programming Costs Could Have Consumers Crying Foul 12/1/12
    Rise in customer bills are due to the fees Cable TV and satellite providers are paying for regional sports network on top of the fee for national sports networks. Rights to sports teams like Lakers and Dodgers have resulted in competition between stations and creating their own sports channels. Sports teams are forgetting that it is the TV customers and fans that drive their business. Read more