Why This Happens

Here’s what you should know when disputes occur between the sports channels that carry your games and the TV providers who bring them into your living room.

Offering You a Front Row Seat

First of all, loyalty is the most valuable currency in any sport. So every fan should always be able to get any game they want to see. Period.

When Prices Rise, You Should Have a Choice

DIRECTV pays sports programmers billions of dollars so you can watch games within the comfort of your own living room. But some teams are denying their most loyal fans the ability to watch those games unless everyone, including customer who don’t watch sports, agree to pay up to eight times more just to receive the same games they had before. Since some teams are also pricing the average family out of attending games, when the price to watch at home soars, the fans willing to pay that price must be allowed to see them on TV. Those customers who don’t want to pay the high price for games they don’t want to watch must have an option to simply say “no thanks.”

Public Access Television

Teams and their host communities enjoy a unique, public partnership, as the people who live there pay taxes, tuitions and public subsidies to finance stadiums and other team operations. Teams are always free to set the price of stadium admission or home viewing, but the price of taking public financial support is fair access to games for everyone in the community. Teams willing to deny loyal fans access to games on any pay TV service are betraying the public trust and thumbing their nose at those who provide their financial support.

Switching Is Never the Answer

None of the major pay TV providers are immune from teams or conferences willing to shut out their most loyal supporters. Rather than stick up for customers, some of the largest cable companies are partnering with the same teams and forcing big price increases onto families instead. So long as any team, network or TV provider feels it can manipulate the flow of games into people’s homes to artificially inflate prices, everyone suffers, especially the most loyal fans.

We’ve Got Your Back

Being the sports leader means sticking up for the average fan. By fighting for you to see any game you want, and not forcing others, who don’t care, to pay for them, DIRECTV has been able to hold its annual price increases to half the industry average. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual fan, a diehard fan or someone who doesn’t like sports at all, DIRECTV has your back, and wants you to see your games at a reasonable price, or not have to pay for them if you’re not a sports fan.